Turn Key for You and Your Patients

ATC Alert Health makes it easy to monitor your patients in-between visits. ATC Alert's platform will help you earn extra revenue from your existing patients with Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursement from Medicare using codes CPT 99453, 99454, 99457 & 99458.


No Upfront Costs
Your patients will recieve equipment free of charge and you'll recieve free use of ATC's powerful RPM platform in order to monitor them

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From your existing patients. By utilizing RPM billing codes through Medicare, you can collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for your practice

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Monitor patients between visits to better keep track of their health. That means being alerted to any unusual health changes to catch potential issues before they become life threatening or costly

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Let's Talk About Equipment

ATC Alert uses the best equipment available in order to ensure both accuracy and ease of use. All of out equipment is FDA approved.

  • A&D Blood Pressure Monitor
  • A&D Body Weight Scale
  • MIR Peak Flow Spirometer
  • Accu-Chek Guide Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Nonin Pulse Oximeter


Drawing On Our Years Of Medical Alert Experience and Thousands of Customers

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ATC Alert Already Monitors Thousands of US Seniors

ATC Alert has been monitoring thousands of seniors with Medical Alert Systems for years. This provides us with unparalleled experience when it comes to understanding the needs of older Americans who desire to age independently in their homes. 

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ATC Alert Already Provides Unrivaled Customer Support

You name it, we've dealt with it. ATC's Care Specialists already help our customers around the clock. Our support team spends hours each day assisting seniors with setting up, testing and using lifesaving technology that improves their lives & brings their families peace of mind. 

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ATC Alert's Equipment is Second to None

ATC has a 10,000 square foot fulfillment center that works day in and day out to ensure our customers receive the life saving equipment they need quickly. We're highly skilled at sourcing equipment and getting it programmed and out the door within just hours of receiving customer orders.

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So How Does It Work Exactly?

1. Sign up your practice in minutes
2. Easily add your patients to the platform
3. Once ATC Alert receives notice that a patient is signed up, they'll recieve a welcome kit in the mail which includes all their equipment at no cost to them
4. ATC Alert Care Specialists will walk the patient through initial setup and help them take their first readings
5. You receive data from the patients' readings in real time
6. Get paid- ATC Alert will submit a report to your billing department at the end of each month which you can submit to CMS for payment 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring is the ability to remotely keep track of your patients health between visits by utilizing technology. This includes monitoring their vital signs, blood pressure, weight, blood glucose levels and other measurements and then passing this information along to a physician in an easy to access way. ATC Alert provides both patients and physicians with all the tools they need to successfully deploy an RPM program, including free equipment, customer setup and support, and a state of the art monitoring platform to be used by the physician's practice. 

Who is ATC Alert?

ATC Alert's mission is to enable seniors to live out their best years independently and on their own terms. Over the past few years, ATC Alert has grown into a large company monitoring thousands of customers by using Medical Alert (Personal Emergency Response) Systems. ATC Alert saves lives every day, and serves Americans across the entire country. 

Who Pays for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)?

For Americans aged 65 and older, Medicare provides a number of billing codes specifically covering RPM services. Medicare specifically recommends that physicians monitor their patients between visits using technology such as ATC Alert's in order to increase the likelihood of keeping your patients healthy between visits. 



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