Medical Alert System Buyer Guide 2

Medical Alert System Overview

Purchasing a Medical Alert System isn't as simple as it may seem.

With tons of companies and products out there, how can you choose what's right for you?

Luckily, at ATC Alert, our Senior Lifestyle Specialists field questions from potential customers all day, every day. This guide will help cut out the noise and show you what a Medical Alert System can offer you

Medical Alert Systems help seniors across the world live life independently. Not only do they save lives, but they enhance them as well. Knowing that help is always a button push away gives many seniors the confidence they need to continue their daily routines uninterrupted by their own worries, or their family's.


Medical Alert Pricing

Medical Alert Pricing

A good price is important to everybody

In fact, many seniors say that price alone is the main factor in their decision to order a Medical Alert System from a specific company. Be careful, though! Usually a low price can either mean poor service or hidden, sneaky fees. Make sure to learn more about the following before settling on your Medical Alert provider:

1. Are the advertised rates all you need to pay?

  • Many companies will charge activation or shipping fees, which add additional expense to your system. A good Medical Alert provider will want to invest in their customer, and will typically waive any such fees so that the price they advertise is the price you get.

2. How often do you get billed?

  • Lots of Medical Alert companies will provide a generous discount for quarterly or annual billing. However, any reputable company will allow you to pay month-to-month with no long terms commitment. Make sure you ask about cancellation policies so that if for whatever reason you decide to cancel your service, you'll be able to do so without hassle. 

3. Can you set custom billing dates?

  • Maybe you get paid on certain days or like to keep track of your bills by syncing up your billing dates across your credit cards. Make sure to ask your Medical Alert Company if they can set a custom billing date for you without over or undercharging you. 

4. Does the company guarantee your rate forever?

  • Lots of Medical Alert companies will be sneaky and provide you with a "short term" rate or "Introductory Offer" and will then automatically raise your price after a month, quarter or even a year. Make sure your company guarantees in writing that your price will never change so long as you remain a customer in good standing.

5. If I prepay for a quarter or year, do you get a partial refund?

  • A yearly contract can be a great way to save money with any Medical Alert provider. BUT, some companies will keep your money even if you cancel a yearly plan after a month. MAKE SURE you ask about the company's policy on partial refunds. It could make the difference between a yearly contract being a fantastic money saving opportunity, or the same contract locking you into a commitment you're not sure you can make. 

6. Do you need to sign a contract to begin your service?

  • A great Medical Alert Systems provider won't make you sign an actual contract that commits you to anything more than you've agreed to. Any reputable company will have a set of terms and conditions you'll need to accept, just like almost any other product in existence. But the language should be clear and understandable, and you should be able to call the company and have them explain any details you're uncomfortable with.

Medical Alert Monitoring

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Quality monitoring is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor you want to looks for with a Medical Alert Company

Monitoring lies at the center of every Medical Alert company, and believe us, not all monitoring centers are equal. Here's some questions you need to make sure you ask:

1. Where is the Monitoring Center based?

  • If the answer is anywhere but "The USA", then we'd suggest you run for the hills. Poor quality Medical Alert companies sometimes outsource their monitoring to India, The Philippines or other countries. Make sure your choice of provider has monitoring centers that are 100% USA-based.

2. What certifications does the Monitoring Center Have?

There are some key certifications to ask about:

3. How Long is the Average Response Time to a Call?

  • Average response times should be around 30-45 seconds. Once response time is greater than 60 seconds, chances are that the monitoring center may be too small to guarantee they can answer your call no matter how busy they are.

4. Can the monitoring center answer calls in languages other than english?

  • If you need your emergency calls to be answered in Spanish, French, Portuguese or any other language, make sure to ask if the monitoring center will be able to accommodate you as a customer.  

5. Has the Monitoring Center Won any Awards?

  • A surefire sign that a monitoring center is of great quality would be if it has won any notable industry awards recently. At ATC, our monitoring partners have been named 2018 Monitoring Center of The Year by The Monitoring Association.

Medical Alert Customer Support

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Customer Support is the cornerstone of a quality Medical Alert business

When you're a customer for a monthly service, you want to make sure you're treated like family. That includes both a warm and friendly ear as well as accessibility. In other words, you want to make sure you're paying a company that isn't going to hide from you by making it hard to get in touch. Some pointers to look out for:

1. Do they have multiple ways to contact them?

In the old days, customer support happened only by phone and only during business hours. Unfortunately, too many Medical Alert companies still follow this policy as though they're operating the in the 1990's. Nowadays, you should be able to contact customer service quickly and efficiently online as well as on the phone. Make sure to ask if the company has agents staffing:
  • Website Live Chat 
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Convenient Phone Support hours

2. Are they warm and compassionate on the phone?

  • When you call up support, are they warm, caring and friendly or do they sounds like they couldn't care less about you?

3. What types of issues will customer support help you solve?

  • Will they help you set up your equipment once you recieve it?
  • Will they help answer general support and equipment questions? 

Medical Alert Equipment & Installation

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Though Medical Alert companies should be all about the monitoring and service, the equipment needs to work well too.

When you're choosing your Medical Alert provider, make sure they offer the following:

1. Both In-Home and Mobile products

  • Medical Alert systems are all about allowing you to maintain an independent lifestyle for a reasonable cost. That means having the right type of system to match your lifestyle. Look for a provider who offers both in-home and mobile products that you'd be interested in wearing.

2. Is the Equipment new or used?

  • Lots of Medical Alert companies will try to send you old, used equipment thinking you may not know any better. Make sure you can request brand new equipment when you sign up. 

3. Is there an equipment warranty?

  • Any reputable Medical Alert company will provide you with a warranty for defective equipment and allow you to exchange it at no cost if it breaks under certain conditions. Many companies also provide a more comprehensive warranty that covers loss and damage due to user error. These warranties are usually inexpensive (should be less than $5/month) and well worth it, as the fees for losing equipment can be as high as $400 from some Medical Alert companies. 

4. Does customer support help walk you through the setup process?

  • Make sure you ask about this, as setup should be simple, but can sometimes be confusing as well depending on the equipment the Medical Alert company provides you with. Most companies will help walk you through the entire setup process from opening the box to conducting a successful live test with the monitoring center. 

5. How Long Does Shipping Take?

  • Since a great Medical Alert company truly cares about their customers, they'd never make new customers wait an extended period of time to recieve their system and get set up. As such, make sure you ask about shipping times and when you could expect to receive your equipment. If the company says anything more than 48 hours, that could be a bad sign. Quality Medical Alert providers will make sure to get your system programmed, packaged up and out the door as soon as possible and provide you with accurate tracking information.

Additional Products & Features

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Great Medical Alert companies will offer great additional products and features.

There are a few helpful products that can really enhance your medical alert system

When speaking to your potential Medical Alert provider, ask if they provide the following:


  • A lockbox is a really great enhancement to your medical alert system. It ensures that first responders are able to get into your  house and provide you with help without breaking down your door. ATC Alert sends lockboxes to our customers already programmed with a 4-digit code of your choice. We then securely transmit that code to the monitoring center, who will give it to first responders that will use the code to enter your house quickly, easily and damage free.

2. Automatic Fall Detection

  • Automatic Fall Detection has become a popular feature for many Medical Alert customers. Automatic fall detection is essentially an algorithm that detects a fall and automatically initiates a call to the monitoring center through your device....all without needing to push your button. Medical Alert companies with quality equipment will be able to offer this to you. But, you must always be aware that automatic fall detection doesn't work 100% of the time, so you should always push your button in the event of an emergency if you're able to do so.

3. Extended Warranty

  • Extended warranties can be expensive if something happens to your equipment and it gets lost or breaks. Some Medical Alert companies will charge as much as $400 for lost equipment!! It's almost ALWAYS worthwhile to opt for an additional warranty if your provider offers it. Just make sure to ask what the extended warranty covers exactly and how many replacements you're allowed under the plan.

4. Medication Reminders

  • Some of the more innovative Medical Alert companies offer automatic medication reminder services that will remind customers by phone, text message or both to take their medication on a set schedule. At ATC Alert, our Med Minder™ system not only alerts patients to take their medication, but it also will alert a friend or family member if the customer didn't answer their reminder phone call. This service should also be relatively inexpensive, certainly less than $15/month.

5. Additional buttons for a spouse

  • Make sure to ask your prospective Medical Alert company about discounts and deals for covering multiple people in the same household. Most companies will allow you to add a second button to the same system for a small additional fee.
I'm proud of ATC Alert's commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of American seniors. It's a continuation of my family's 3 generation legacy of caring, and every ATC customer also has my personal commitment to their care. Our goal is to Make your retirement the Staycation you deserve! ATC Alert's products allow seniors to do just that, for just a small monthly fee.  
Jordan S. Savitsky

Jordan S. Savitsky, CEO ATC Alert

Everything we've built and created at ATC Alert has been with a customer-first attitude. From our systems that allow for quick shipping of orders to our phenomenal support teams that are always accessible through website chat and facebook messenger, ATC ensures our customers can get the help they need, when they need it. 
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Alan Penn, Director of Operations ATC Alert - Medical Alert Systems

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