How Much Should a Medical Alert System Cost?

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So, you've decided to consider purchasing a Medical Alert system. Congratulations! It's a great choice that allows millions of American seniors to live independently and fearlessly. You know that relative to other independent living options, Medical Alert systems are by far the least expensive, but you still see a wide price range out there for seemingly similar Medical Alert Equipment. 

To help cut through the noise and marketing, we've put together a few pointers to help you be a more savvy consumer and know what you're getting when comparing prices. For a more comprehensive look at pricing and other buyer's questions, you can always check out our Complete Medical Alert System Buyer's Guide!

  1. What You See Ain't Always What You Get
    • Many Medical Alert companies will show a confusing combination of offers to make it look like you can get the lowest price and lots of freebies without a long term commitment. But be careful! If you see a very low price it most likely means there are hidden fees and commitments involved. Make sure the Medical Alert company you're considering is extremely honest and upfront about what the system will cost you both initially and on an ongoing basis. 
  2. You get paid and save on your terms. Make sure you can get billed on your terms too.
    • If a company won't let you choose your own custom billing date, that's a sign that they're running off of old, antiquated systems that don't have the flexibility to service you properly. If you get paid on the 1st and you want your payment to be on the first, make sure that the Medical Alert company agrees and doesn't try to pull any funny business. 
  3. Beware "Introductory Rates"
    • If your price is ever going to change, you'd better bet it's only going to go in one direction....up! Never accept any type of special limited time rate that you don't have a lifetime guarantee on. At ATC, we call the our "Price Lock Guarantee" and we stand firmly by it. Quality Medical Alert companies won't try to trick their customers into signing up with a low rate that then expires. 
  4. Refund policy
    • Make sure to check a Medical Alert company's refund policy before agreeing to purchase a system from them. If you pay for a year upfront but cancel halfway-though, will they refund the difference? A quality Medical Alert business will have a very clear refund policy and state it to you upfront upon asking. 
  5. Does the price include setup fees?
    • Medical Alert System setup isn't nearly as difficult or confusing as it once was. Nowadays, most consumers can easily setup the systems themselves with a little bit of help from Medical Alert Customer Support. Ask your prospective Medical Alert company whether they include a full setup session with their customer support team upon the arrival of your equipment. If a company says that they charge extra for this service, be aware that they're likely to heap on lots of other "additional fees" in the future as well. 
So, how much should a Medical Alert system actually cost you? As you can see from the details above, that's not necessarily a simple answer. But, if we had to put a number on it, a system can cost you anywhere from $25-$75/month depending on your length of commitment, the type of service (mobile vs. in home), and the additional services offered such as quality customer support and setup.