Can Hearing Aids Help Prevent Falls?

There's significant evidence that they can.

Over the past few decades, research has shown evidence of a direct connection between hearing loss and balance issues. Have you ever gotten an ear infection and felt very dizzy and woozy? That's because the inner ear plays a large roll in balance, and for those with hearing loss, dizziness can be constant. 

There's already a 35% chance that and adult over 65 will fall in a given year. Now add even a slight degree of hearing loss to that and you're playing with fire.

So, how bad is it? 

Bad. In fact, researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that even a mild degree of hearing loss tripled the chance of a fall. 

Luckily, there's a simple and easy way to keep the risk of falling as low as possible. Though Hearing Aids have been around for many years, the technology behind them has gotten much better and smaller over the past decade. So while many older adults may scoff at the idea of getting a pair, most would be shocked at how discrete and affordable they are while also changing people's lives. 

Be proactive

Getting a pair of hearing aids will be a life changing experience for an adult with hearing loss. It will improve everyday life while decreasing the risk of falling. But as we noted before, even adults with no hearing loss have a 35% chance of taking a fall. So, how can you be as safe as possible? Be proactive and get a pair of hearing aids, but also make sure you're covered in case a fall does happen with a Medical Alert button. These buttons are small and inexpensive, yet they save people's lives every day. 

Improve your overall quality of life

Both Hearing Aids and Medical Alert Systems improve quality of life by bringing peace of mind to the user. Both of these products are key to aging at home and senior independent living. Golden years should be lived with as much joy and happiness as possible. That means cutting needless risks and worries out of your life. Luckily, for a small amount of money, this can be easily accomplished.