Copy of GPS Location with the click of a button

How Does It Work?

If you need help, just push your button and it'll connect to your phone
Your button is about the size of a quarter and can be worn on your keychain, wrist or around your neck
In just a few seconds, you'll be connected to a monitoring agent
As soon as you press your button, your phone will automatically initiate a call with the monitoring center, who will be able to send help to your exact location if needed. 
Get The Help You Need At Your Exact Location...Fast!
If you need help, the monitoring agent will call a friend, family member or local police/EMS and send them to your exact location in real time

Speak to a US Based Agent Within 60 Seconds

ATC Alert's Monitoring Center is based in New Jersey and was ranked #1 in the country for 2018

How Much Does It Cost?

Umbrella starts at $14.95/month and comes with unlimited monitoring service and a free panic button
Copy of GPS Location with the click of a button

Try it risk free for 30 days

Monthly monitoring service starting at $14.95/month and can be cancelled at any time
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