ATC Alert LLC Acquires East Rock Medical Alert's PERS Accounts

ATC Alert continues record growth with the addition of over 3800 additional PERS customers.

Acquisition strengthens company's position as a growing force within the PERS market.


LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ATC Alert LLC, a leading Connected Health company, today announced the completion of its acquisition of East Rock Medical Alert's PERS accounts.

East Rock Medical Alert was a nationwide provider of Medical Alert Systems. It's national marketing strategy and widely diverse customer base made its customers a strategic acquisition target for ATC Alert.

Since launching ATC Alert in 2017, our core mission has been to provide Americans with simple options to maintain their independence," says Jordan S. Savitsky, CEO of ATC Alert. "As we continue to grow the company's service offerings into enhanced Connected Care services, such as Remote Patient Monitoring, we're still guided by our core belief that Medical Alert Systems remain a key component of the senior care continuum. As such, we intend to continue our strategy of growth within the PERS market both through organically and through further acquisitions."

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put elderly Americans at risk, Medical Alert Monitoring remains a key component of aging in place. Especially now that seniors have been identified as the highest risk demographic to experience life-threatening symptoms for the COVID-19 virus, keeping them in their homes with a 24/7 lifeline to help is essential to their wellbeing. Seniors who overwhelmingly showed little interest in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities before are now even more hesitant to leave their homes. Additionally, seniors are being told to stay inside and socially isolate, which puts them at even greater risk for unaddressed falls, injuries and depression. Without the ability to go shopping, participate in social activities with friends or see their doctors, ATC Alert's Medical Alert Systems are more vital today than ever.

"The addition of close to 4000 customers to ATC Alert's PERS business will help us provide even greater support and resources to our clients," says CFO Gus Nunziata. "In the last month alone we've been able to hire additional full time employees across multiple departments, including customer support, operations, fulfilment and finance. By doing so we're not only helping working Americans during a time of historically high unemployment, but we're also continuing to ensure that our customers have the best service and support in the Medical Alert industry."

ATC Alert is one of America's leading connected health companies, with thousands of customers across the United States and Canada. The company's mission features a commitment to remotely connecting seniors with their families and healthcare providers to enable them to live life independently as they age. For more information on ATC Alert call 877-MED-ALRT or visit